I am both a nature and urban landscape photographer. I find much enjoyment in being with nature, the trees, the plants, and the many types of living creatures that depend on plants for their survival. I am also an urban dweller. I work in the city and live in a major metropolitan area. There are so many opportunities to capture and create wonderful images from our Urban Forest.

Fairmount Park and especially, The Wissahickon Park, are at the center of focus of my camera. Philadelphia has one of the largest urban parks in the world. It is a real gem. My passion is to capture the natural beauty of the park so that I may share its beauty with others. To help the many further their appreciation of the Earth and become good Stewards.

The Urban Forest and the park becomes an oasis of possibilities for me to capture our world through an artist’s lens. At times, taking a very simple everyday object to compose an abstract image. I am always looking for new ways to interpret everyday subjects into pleasing artistic images, that at times can be very abstract in presentation.